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Electronic Payment System

Electronic Payment System is a web based international money transfer system through which you can send and receive money internationally. Customer can send money to his/her beneficiary from one country to another in a very sophisticated way provided by Electronic Payment System. The users of the system are categorized by their access level to the system into Agents, Sub-Agents and Company level users.

Electronic Payment System has following key modules:

Campus Management System

Campus Management System is an academic application developed for degree level colleges/universities. This system efficiently manages Students information, Employee information, Transport information, Assets information and all Accounting transactions information of a college/university.Campus Management System is a desktop application developed in Power Builder with Oracle 10g as application’s database.

Campus Management System has following key modules with their sub modules: 

Forex System

Forex System supports foreign currency exchange transactions. It also manages the complete accounting structure of the company which uses it. This system is specially designed for currency exchange companies and money changers. Forex System is carefully developed under the standards defined by State Bank of Pakistan for a currency exchange business and hence approved and recommended by the State Bank of Pakistan. This system also sends daily, weekly or monthly reports to the State Bank of Pakistan.
Forex system is a desktop application built according to client/server architecture. Forex system supports distributed databases for its clients to work with their own database locally.

Forex System contains following key modules: