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Roshni Homes Trust

Roshni homes is a leading independent organization creating real and lasting change for orphaned and abandoned children in need around Pakistan.
The story of Roshni homes in Pakistan is a story of positive change where a group of motivated and enthusiast people are working together to create opportunities for orphaned children to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. Roshni homes has been working since 2002.

Roshni Homes trust provide residency and full modelled family care services for the children without parental care. The main purpose of the trust is better socialization and physical growth of deprived children. The core objective of all these efforts is to make these deprived children highly productive, responsible and integral members of the society.

Roshni Homes was inaugurated by his Excellence, the Governor of the Punjab Lt. Gen (R) Khalid Maqbool in 2002. It covers an extensive area of approximately Seven acres comprising of Children's Living Apartments, an Admin Block, a library and separate youth blocks for adolescent boys and girls.