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50/GC, Phase -2 Main Commercial Market Garden town.
Gujranwala - Pakistan.
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We Are A Solution Driven Team We Provide Powerful Solution For Better Digital Experiences We Turn Your Ideas Into Reality Our values reflect our business strategy that sets the direction of the company towards utmost success. We Can Solve Your Business Needs Optimized and modern solution for your need.

In addition to our integrated software solutions, SoftShack offers customized applications to meet the client’s needs, appropriately, based on its own business model.
We provide our customers with highly integrated ERP solutions to refine their business operations for high system efficiency and effectiveness
SoftShack delivers customized network solutions to ensure that our client gets a suitable network for its business operations. We provide our services to support our client businesses to expand.
The websites we create are based on the recent market trends, specifically designed according to the business nature of our client. At SoftShack.


We proudly own a diverse set of state of art IT solution products, originally developed under the umbrella of SoftShack. Our product range comprises large-scale ERP solutions that can be customized and implemented for a diverse range of businesses. Our team thoroughly works on customizing certain aspects of our products to achieve the best possible solutions for all kinds of industries. These products function as some of our main products including:

FIS - Forex Information System

Our Forex Information System is a specialized ERP solution for complete business operations for both categories of Foreign Exchange companies, A and B. It is ensured that all the necessary checks and security standards are in compliance with the State Bank of Pakistan and supports both central and multi-branch operation systems.


EPS – Electronic Payment System

The Electronic Payment System- EPS is our product that innovates digitization to send electronic payments safely and quickly. It functions to support all payments and records for vendors, business stakeholders, and customers in both B2B and B2C sectors of e-commerce.

CAMPUSWARE – Management System For Educational Institutions

This product comprises a complete management system for educational institutions under two separate models:
• University Management System
• College Management System


VPN VOICE - Call Center System

SoftShack offers technologically advanced communication solutions for all kinds of businesses and has functions for a call center system, VoIP, and complete networking solutions for businesses. The product has room for a central hub system for business headquarters and the ability to connect to remote sites.

Customer Screening Solutions

SoftShack has developed customer scanning and screening solutions for all kinds of businesses for risk management, fraud prevention, and secure business functioning. This specialized software keeps real-time records of all customer-related transactions and records.